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For now, much of the resources and content we’ll be sharing will be via different video series. Currently we have two different series available: Keeping Up With Quinn and Adventure Forward

TREASURE HUNT 101 DESIGN – Learn all the ins and outs of creating your own treasure hunts for individuals and groups with this video mini-series. In each video we’ll tackle a different treasure hunt format as well as address different treasure hunt design topics along the way!

KEEPING UP WITH QUINN – Be inspired to create a hunt of your own as you watch a fictional account of one man as he finds (or is led to) the Quest Adventure Society. Follow the story as a man with a sedentary, dull life is taken outside of his comfort zone onto a treasure hunt adventure set up by his uncle….or was it? Follow the clues with him as he discovers that there just might be more to life than…CLICK HERE TO ENJOY THESE VIDEOS.

ADVENTURE FORWARD – Joe Dean’s personal VLOG as he makes personal decisions to transform his life into a man of adventure (the real life story behind the character in the Keeping Up With Quinn video series. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS.