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Keeping Up With Quinn

The following videos are a fictional account of one man as he finds (or is led to) the Quest Adventure Society. Follow the story as a man with a sedentary, dull life is taken outside of his comfort zone onto a treasure hunt adventure set up by his uncle….or was it? Follow the clues with him as he discovers that there just might be more to life than what can be found on the couch in front the TV. (This series is a companion series to the Adventure Forward videos – an ongoing story written to help one man transform his life in a very real and practical way!)

Episode 1 – The Rock
When he’s mailed a strange black rock from an uncle who’s…well…not his uncle, he’s set on a treasure hunt he never imagined!

Episode 2 – Something “Erie”
After translating the ‘rock’ he’s lead to the Erie Canal where the treasure hunt continues…

Episode 3 – The Suitcase
The numbers in Devanagari lead me to Silver Springs…the treasure hunt continues

Episode 4 – Alligators and Sunken Treasure
What happens when he’ll end up needing to canoe through alligator infested waters? What will he do to finish this treasure hunt?

Episode 5 – This time I’m going someplace local…coincidence or by design? And I never thought I’d be translating ancient Phoenician!