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So…what EXACTLY is the QAS?

The Quest Adventure Society (QAS) began as a fictitious organization from an expanding video series entitled “Keeping Up With Quinn” (see HERE to view Keeping Up With Quinn episodes on Youtube.) It was so much fun creating the video series that Joe Dean, the creator, thought why can’t there be a QAS in real life. This website is the humble beginnings of that notion…and his dreams are to do a lot of good in the world with it…while having a lot of fun at the same time. This site is a labor of love to offer back to the viewers of our different video series as a way of saying THANKS! and hope that you have a great time while you’re here!

The Quest Adventure Society (QAS) will be a growing global community looking for more adventure in the world than perhaps folks readily see around them. We encourage stepping away from our screens and injecting some exciting adventure into the real world…even if we have to infuse the experience with a little fiction! Through a variety of treasure hunts and other adventure style ‘formats’ we hope to offer fun experiences while building a community that dares to seek out new and fun challenges!

We also hope to do some real good in the world, too…While we have fun, we’re hoping that this community will support different efforts to preserve history and national parks all over the planet in a variety of ways. It’s been Joe Dean’s dream (the creator of the QAS) to mobilize a community of folks who enjoy a good treasure hunt adventure and who want to try their hand at some experiences of their own! (For more about Joe Dean, see below)

So…What do you mean by fiction?

Well, no harm in a little adult ‘pretend’ right? Although this community, as well as the good we’re looking to provide our communities and the world, will be all VERY real, the back stories to the QAS itself is, well…made up! Below is a fictitious brief history of the QAS as a starting point. (Going forward on this site, if you see text in green italics, please note that that portion of text is part of the fictional story as it develops over time.)


The QAS was born in 2015 around the campfire in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Five friends, Jake, Quinn, Eli, Kirk and Andy, all from varying backgrounds, had just finished a full day of hiking and relayed memories of all the sites and experiences of their trek. None of them were extreme outdoors men at the time, but decided to go on a long hike for a few days, camping as they went. That night they developed a united conviction that the experience they were having was SO much better than any cinematic cut scene in a video game or movie. To breathe the air and touch the trees and rocks – the experience was irreplaceable.

The four of them made a pact that night – to hold each other accountable to never forget that conviction. They took many other trips together and that group of five slowly grew. It turned out that the more they shared about what they were doing, the more others were inspired to join them.

It was Jake, probably because of his profession, that initiated the idea that adventure was always so much more fun when there was a back story involved. He shared how video games have such a high appeal for many largely because of the story the players were being drawn into. He was the one that introduced the idea of incorporating treasure hunt style formats into their activities.

Eventually, the group of four grew to about a dozen within the first few years and with each new member, new ideas were born on how to not just help the society grow, but also to broaden it’s efforts and to begin thinking bigger. Each new member brought with them a new set of passions, knowledge and skills that contributed to the building of the society as a whole. Some had primitive survival skills while others could ice climb. Some were history buffs and others were archaeologists.

Now with hundreds of members from around the world, they decided to think bigger and to come out of the shadows, so to speak. However, that also brought about direct opposition. Organizations and individuals alike have surfaced with their own agendas. It turns out, if people are no longer enslaved to their screens, advertisers and social engineers begin losing their power (and money.) Additionally, the modern grave robbers and illegal treasure hunters of the world do not want attention brought to their trade or the connections they might with the Black Market. These ‘enemies’ of the QAS may attempt to thwart their efforts…but the society is growing…and growing fast…and they say enough is enough!

Come join us!

About Joe Dean

Joe Dean has been a professional adventure treasure hunt designer for over three decades and his adventures have been facilitated by individuals and organizations all over the globe. His passions have most recently taken him to the creation of the Quest Adventure Society and its future. He will also be focusing on creating not just the adventures the society will provide, but also a video series chronicling his OWN journey towards being more adventurous in his personal life as HE comes into contact with the QAS through a fictional, ongoing story.